Electrical & Lighting

In the Commercial Lighting Industry, customers face many challenges to source gaskets and sealing tapes that support high quality and durable lighting solutions for the most demanding environments. Materials need to adhere to UL testing specifications and meet exacting requirements.

Rhopac has worked with numerous experts to address the challenges of fire retardant sealing, reducing corrosion and shielding exterior contaminants from entering the critical lighting cavities.

Rhopac has developed engineered products that are designed and certified to meet relevant performance standards, which resist corrosion, ingress and passage of insects, dirt, water and microbial contaminants plus RFI and EMI interference.

Institutional, Architectural, Task & Specialty

Rhopac has the best performing and highest quality gasket sealing materials for the challenging demands of clean rooms, laboratories, clean manufacturing sites and/or hazardous location lighting needs. We are able to generate the tight tolerance parts of all shapes, sizes, quantities and configurations for customized applications.

Outdoor Lighting

Rhopac offers the best materials for applications that demand watertight seals and protection from environmental hazards with UV and severe temperatures. Our materials include closed cell polyethylene, vinyl nitrile, cork, rubber, EPDM and silicone to meet UL50/150 and NEMA water standards for outdoor enclosures.

Sign & Emergency Lighting

Our sealing materials and adhesives are able to secure the metal boxes of sign and emergency lighting. These products are able to withstand the high heat generated by these fixtures and also contain any noise emanating from the fixtures.

Rhopac’s technology and engineering experts meet our customers demanding UL standards with all of our materials. Let us help you with your next project.