Specialists in Acrylic, Rubber, and Moisture Cure Adhesives
Acrylic Based Pressure Sensitive Adhesives
  • Resistant to chemical and solvent exposure
  • Withstands temperature extremes
  • Better weather resistance, including UV exposure
  • Available with or without a film carrier
  • Variety of release liners available
Rubber Based Pressure Sensitive Adhesive / Solvent Activated Adhesives
  • Very aggressive initial bond
  • Will bond to a wide variety of surfaces
  • Very economical
  • Available with or without carrier
  • Variety of release liners available
  • Becomes part of the assembly
  • Dry backing eases positioning
Moisture Cure Adhesives
  • Multiple substrates laminated together
  • Creates foam tear, but remains soft and flexible
  • Provides permanent bond
  • Solvent, heat, and moisture resistant
Adhesive Backings

Rhopac offers a variety of adhesive backings that can be laminated to most of the materials we fabricate. Adhesive backings provide a level of convenience.  Split-backed liners and tabs that aid in liner removal are available for ease of assembly.