Firefighter Clothing
The Challenge

One of the most critical parts of a firefighters clothing involves protection of their knees andfirefighter elbows. The foam padding in these areas provides a high level of comfort and requires the necessary material components to reduce injury.

A leader in fire protection equipment and protective uniforms, had a challenge with their current supplier of the elbow and knee padding elements. The current supplier was not meeting the National Fire Protection Association Standards as a component part of the garment and it was not a cost effective solution.

Rhopac Solution

Rhopac met with the fire protection equipment company and soon developed the custom-sized piece of sponge-like EPDM/Neoprene blended rubber. The blended material met the requirements as outlined in the Technical Product Data Sheet #76138.

In addition, Rhopac was able to design the cushion and compression pads into more custom sizes and in quantities that were cost effective for the company.

According to a representative from the fire protection equipment company: “Rhopac’s customer service and attention to details were amazing. They were able to die cut a variety of sizes for both padding in elbows and knees that firemen throughout the United States use every day.”

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